Animal Law Updates by Stacy McKerlie

Coalition files Amicus Brief to Stop Florida Black Bear Hunt

Organizations (including the Center for Biological Diversity, Animal Legal Defense Fund, and Animal Welfare Institute) filed an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief on September 25 in an effort to halt hunting of black bears in Florida. The lawsuit was initiated when the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission authorized the trophy hunting and subsequent killing of over 300 black bears, which will begin on October 24. It is estimated that the total black bear population in Florida is currently between 2,500 to 3,000 bears.

PETA Files Suit, Claiming Monkey “Selfie” Belongs to Monkey

On September 22, a Crested Macaque monkey named “Naruto”, along with PETA, filed a lawsuit against a professional wildlife photographer. The lawsuit seeks to declare Naruto the rightful owner of photographs Naruto took of himself, and alleges the defendant violated copyright infringement laws when he published and sold copies of the photographs.

You can find a copy of the complaint here:

Cruel Exploitation Uncovered at Tyson Foods

On September 14, Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) release footage from an undercover investigation showing inhumane treatment of chickens. ALDF has asked the Attorney General of the State of Delaware to investigate and sanction the company.

Whole Foods Sued for Falsely Claiming Meat is “Humane”

A class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Northern California against Whole Foods for activity involving unfair competition violations. The complaint alleges that the store creates a false impression that their meat is obtained from ethical suppliers who supposedly meet several high standards involving animal care and welfare. The lawsuit was filed shortly after a PETA investigation revealed cruel and inhumane treatment of pigs at Sweet Stem Farm, one of Whole Foods’ pork suppliers.

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