Litigating Animal Law Disputes: A Complete Guide for Lawyers

Animal law is an emerging field that encompasses a variety of legal
disciplines. Today more and more lawyers are entering into this field or
finding they have cases that deal with animal law. This comprehensive
guide is for lawyers who may be unfamiliar with the various laws in the
field of animal law and require a basic guide to handling these cases.

The book covers every major aspect of private civil and criminal
litigation of animal law disputes in the areas of tort, contract,
property, insurance, and criminal law. In the fifteen chapters of this
book, you’ll find valuable information and cases dealing with topics like
personal injury and negligence, disputes over animal possession; wills and
trusts involving animals; veterinary malpractice; insurance litigation;
federal cases and Constitutional rights; animal ownership and land use
rights; criminal cases; and more. There is even a chapter covering
practical matters for lawyers handling animal cases, including fee
agreements, discovery techniques, preparing your client, settlements and
collecting judgments. The book also provides sample litigation documents,
such as pleadings, discovery materials, expert information, and more. It’s
the complete resource for any lawyer who, sooner or later, will deal with
a case of animal law.

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